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There’s a rising field of interest that organizations are slowly but surely beginning to pay attention to, one that helps them differentiate themselves from their competition in more ways than one– employee engagement. 

But what is it? And why do an increasing number of businesses care? 

Understanding Employee Experience 

Although at first glance it may seem like employee engagement is no different from job satisfaction, employee engagement goes beyond that. 

Employee engagement is about cultivating a workforce that is emotionally invested in the work they do, committed to the goals of the organization, and motivated to put their best foot forward. 

They are enthusiastic ambassadors of the employer’s brand and drive productivity, innovation, and most importantly- profit. 

4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Care About Employee Engagement 

Higher Productivity & Performance 

In all successful organizations, engaged employees are often the key to driving productivity and growth. A study by Gallup found that organizations with highly engaged teams show 21% greater productivity than their competitors. When employees feel connected to what they do and why they do it, i.e., their role and the organization’s goals, they are not likely to walk the extra mile, leading to increased efficiency and better performance across the board. 

Fostering Innovation & Creativity

Engaged employees are active participants in driving the business forward. Engaged employees feel valued and empowered, and because they feel valued and empowered they are more likely to contribute better— whether through fresh ideas and solutions or through better systems and processes. Cultivating such a culture— one where employees are engaged, encourages a free flow of ideas and fuels creative problem-solving. According to a report by Aaron, companies with high levels of engagement report a 26% increase in innovation. 

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction 

Research by Temkin Group shows that engaged employees are 2.5 times more likely to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. Happy employees are the secret to happy customers. Engaged employees are more likely to deliver exceptional customer services as well leading to higher customer satisfaction and improved brand loyalty. 


A key trait of engaged employees is their goal-oriented approach to work. This goal-oriented approach means that in today’s fast-paced world where industries get disrupted by something new every few years, employees can adapt quickly. 

Employee engagement keeps the workforce agile and receptive to change, making the employees resilient in the face of change and more willing to embrace new technologies and processes. 

If you’re already on the path to building employee engagement, here are 5 crucial signs your organization has strong employee engagement.

The bottom line is this, employee engagement is a surefire way for any organization irrespective of industry and country, to guarantee themselves a place in the future, in every future. One way to build employee engagement, especially in hybrid and distributed settings is through using platforms like Zircly that are designed to help bridge the gap between people through a community-first approach.

By prioritizing employee engagement, organizations can unlock a plethora of benefits. In investing in their most valuable asset— the people who build the business, organizations will undoubtedly emerge successfully in the face of uncertainty, adversity, and change.

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