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Going to work these days is more than about clocking in and out, it’s about making an impact and leaving behind an impression, a legacy that shapes the company’s future. As you set things into motion to make progress towards our goals for the new quarter it’s important you reflect on and think about your role in shaping your workplace and your career.

Embrace Ownership

Taking ownership of what you do– your and your role is the first step toward leaving a positive legacy. Embracing ownership helps you demonstrate your commitment to the company and its success while also inspiring others to do the same. For instance, one way you can take ownership is by taking the initiative to find a solution to problems you come across rather than waiting around.

Cultivate Relationships

Strong relationships are the foundation of a positive work environment. Over the last few years, more and more companies have begun focusing on their culture. Knowing what you, as an individual, can do can make the world of a difference, and building strong relationships with your colleagues is the best way to start open communication and active listening are the best practices to get you started. 

Show genuine interest in your colleagues’ personal lives and work and offer support when needed. Collaborate, share credit for success, and recognize their contributions. Resolve conflicts with respect and focus on finding solutions.

Investing time and effort into your connections helps you create a supportive and productive environment.

Lead by Example

Actions speak louder than words, and this sort of leadership is important even if you are not in a leadership position. As an employee, you have the power to set the tone for others including your peers, colleagues, and perhaps even the leadership. 

Whether that’s going the extra mile to help a colleague taking the initiative to implement a new idea, or being quick to adapt to new experiments within your organization, your actions impact your legacy and might just inspire the people around you.

Seek Feedback and Growth

Continuous improvement, a.k.a growth, is key to leaving a lasting legacy. Growth is not necessarily comfortable but overcoming the discomfort and seeking feedback from your peers and supervisors is the foundation for growth. 

Going hand-in-hand with constantly elevating your own performance through continuous learning and improvement. Combined, feedback, learning, and improvement will help you scale your career at a faster pace than most. 

Champion Diversity and Inclusion

For a workplace to be successful, it needs both diversity and inclusion of people from a plethora of backgrounds. If your organization is not yet there, advocating for diversity and inclusion is a great way to leave your mark.

But for a workplace to be truly inclusive, the people that make up the organization should be open and inclusive. Take proactive steps to include people, especially those who are very different from in small things like your lunch table and larger things like holding space for them to talk.

In so doing you not only enrich company culture but also drive innovation and creativity.

Your legacy is more about the impact you have on people and the culture you help cultivate, than the work that you do. As we gear up for the next quarter, remind yourself of everything you hope to achieve in your career, and get ready to start building your legacy through radial ownership, nurturance, and leadership through action.

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