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21 Secret Santa Tasks For Everyone Playing Remotely

By December 8, 2023December 13th, 2023Secret Santa3 min read

The holiday season is here, and so is Secret Santa season– the season to play one of the most fun, versatile, and inclusive games for adults. Whether you’re playing it with family, friends, or at your place of work, giving your ‘Little Elf’ tasks, and more importantly clues disguised as tasks is never easy. And playing remotely only makes it that much more hard.

Here are 21 tasks to give your ‘Little Elf’ if you’re playing from all across the globe.

  1. Virtual Backgrounds: Have your Little Elf create and share a customized holiday-themed Zoom background for video calls.
  2. Virtual Holiday Card Exchange: Participants can create and share virtual holiday cards with their assigned Little Elf.
  3. Festive Playlist Exchange: Create and share playlists of holiday music or favorite songs.
  4. Recipe Swap: Share favorite holiday recipes or cooking/baking tips with your community on Zircly.
  5. Book/Movie/Show Recommendations: Have your Little Elf share their favorite books, movies, or show recommendations.
  6. Personalized Digital Art or Graphics: Got a Little Elf who is an artist? Task them with creating and sharing personalized digital artwork or graphics.
  7. Scavenger Hunt: Organize a virtual scavenger hunt with holiday-themed items for your Little Elf to find around the house.
  8. Charitable Giving: Spread the spirit of giving, and ask your Little Elf to donate an amount they are comfortable with to a charity of their choice.
  9. Digital Caricatures or Avatars: Have your Little Elf create and share digital caricatures or avatars of who they think their Secret Santa is.
  10. Holiday Desktop Wallpapers: Task your Little Elf with designing and sharing holiday-themed desktop wallpapers for colleagues to use.
  11. Online Storytelling: Get to know your Little Elf better by asking them to share holiday stories, memories, or traditions in a virtual storytelling session.
  12. Customized Spotify Playlist: Is your Little Elf a music lover? Have them curate a personalized Spotify playlist for you based on your musical tastes. Let them ask you a few questions first of course.
  13. Digital Crossword Puzzle: Create a holiday-themed crossword puzzle and share it with your Little Elf recipient.
  14. Customized Digital Jigsaw Puzzle: Create a digital jigsaw puzzle with a holiday image and share it with your Little Elf.
  15. Digital Comic Strips: Another one for Artistic Little Elves, have your Little Elf create and share digital comic strips with holiday-themed jokes or anecdotes.
  16. Virtual Book Club: Choose your favorite book and have your Little Elf read and share something fun and exciting about it.
  17. Online Plant or Garden Swap: Encourage your Little Elf to share tips, photos, or even small virtual plants for colleagues interested in gardening.
  18. Virtual Escape to a Winter Wonderland: Have your Little Elf share and discuss virtual tours of winter destinations or festive places around the world.
  19. DIY Virtual Escape Room: Have your Little Elf create and share their virtual escape room challenges with everyone playing.
  20. Virtual Travel Show-and-Tell: Have your Little Elf share and discuss holiday or travel memories by presenting photos and stories from past vacations.
  21. Digital Brain Teasers: Challenge your Little Elf with digital brain teasers or riddles and have them solve it on your gameboard.

Secret Santa is a fun way to close the year, bring in the holiday spirit, and welcome the new year. Time, space and distance need not come in the way of going on the adventure of trying to figure out your Secret Santa, and Zircly helps you overcome time, space, and distance seamlessly. 

Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join in on the fun, whether you are separated by a few kilometers or an entire ocean. Check out Zircly’s Secret Santa Program now.

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